Project progress

12700 patients already examined


PONS data ready for download

To download PONS data click here. Study documentation in English language is available upon request. Please email the project coordinator Dr. Marta Manczuk (manczukm [at]

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PONS data will soon be available

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First PONS papers published in AAEM

Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine Volume 18, Number 2, 2011 The preliminary analysis on first 4000 participants was done in 2011 and published in below papers. All papers are open access under this  link Original Articles: 1. Zatoński W.A. The PONS study and its place in the strategy of health gain in Poland. Ann Agric Environ Med 2011;18(2):193 2. Zatoński W.A., the HEM team. Epidemiological analysis of health situation development in Europe and its causes until 1990. Ann Agric Environ Med 2011;18(2):194-202 3. Zatoński W.A., Mańczuk M., the Kielce PONS team. POlish-Norwegian Study (PONS): research on chronic non-communicable diseases in European high risk countries – study design. Ann Agric Environ Med 2011;18(2):203-206 4. Wawrzyniak Z.M., Paczesny D., Mańczuk M., Zatoński W.A. Application of advanced data collection and quality assurance methods ...

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